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Bakery Museum

Sopron, Bécsi utca 5.


Farmers and craftsmen who lived in the outskirts of the town were protected by city walls during the centuries. Taking a walk in Balfi, Bécsi, Fövényverem or Halász streets, you can almost touch the unique atmosphere of the former farmers’ district. The Bakery Museum is located in the building which used to be the oldest bakery in town. This function of the building is shown by the coat-of-arms on the front of the house with lions breaking a piece of pretzel. Between the years 1686-1970, the owners of the house were bakers. After that, the City Council decided to open an exhibition in the building, keeping the entire interior untouched.



The actual bakery can be found in the right wing of the house. In the heating room there is a huge furnace while the baking room accommodates a bread-bin, leavening cabinets and dough-baskets, almost ready for immediate use. The former flour storeroom was transformed into a sweet shop at the end of the 19th century, in keeping with the needs of Sunday afternoon walkers. Because the master was not allowed to leave the workshop for longer periods even during the night shift, a small wooden chamber was separated for him to take short naps. The room facing the street used to be the bakery shop. It was later divided into two to form a sweet shop. The interior of the sweet shop is original, too. The baker’s family home can be accessed from the right side of the arched gateway. Its furniture exhibits the typical interior design and way of life of craftsman and farm families in the 19th century.