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Active tourism

Active tourism and
programs for friends
of nature

• Hikes in the Sopron mountains
and Fertő-Hanság Natonal Park
• Hikes to the Forchtenstein
• Hikes on the track of the Celts
• Bicycle tours around Sopron, to
Lake Fertő and beyond the
border to Austria
• Riding, coach trips, horse riding
competitions, riding excursions
in many villages
• Sailing, windsurfing, and
pleasure boat trips around
Lake Fertő
• Swim across Lake Fertő
• Half marathon Eisenstadt –
• Advent and Fidelity Day race
• Foot race festival in Ágfalva
• Lake party – foot race party
• Canoe trips in the reed filled area of Lake Fertő
• Fishing
• Hunting
• Flying in Fertőszentmiklós
• Bird watching, bird watching shelters, water buffalo, and grey cattle herds
in the National Park
• Forest school program
• Recreation on the fitness paths in the forest
• Grey cattle market
• Visitor centre at the national park