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Sopron Collection of the National Lutheran Museum

Sopron, Templom u. 19.


The history of the Lutheran congregation in Sopron dates back to the time of the Reformation in Hungary. The Lutheran church of Sopron is the oldest, most outstanding architectural work of the period after the issue of the Edict of Tolerance. There are frequent organ concerts here. The huge instrument has an unforgettable tone, The Members of the congregation have always contributed to the rich collection of Hungarian and foreign ecclesiastical objects which can be seen in the treasury of the church. The Communion goblets, jugs, ciboria, candlesticks and altar cloths are all masterpieces of ecclesiology.



We get a view of the congregation’s life through paintings, handwritten documents, books and prints. The Portrait Room sums up the activity of important personalities up to the 20th century. The former vicarage is located near the Church. The two-storied Baroque palace is the seat of the Sopron Collection of the National Lutheran Museum. The Room of Archives holds documents from the middle of the 16th century onwards. In the library of over 6000 books, handwritten Bibles and basic theological works are available for interested researchers.